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Roy Stuart Glimpse Vol 6 13 ^NEW^

Greg McElhatton of called Mockingbird #1 an "utter blast," asserting, "Niemczyk's art is a winner. If I had to compare her to another artist, it would be Frank Cho by virtue of her strong but graceful ink lines and the beautiful, smooth features she gives her characters. Niemczyk's art is more naturally proportioned, though, and includes a wider variety of body types. Niemczyk understands the humor in Cain's script and brings it to life here; she's able to bring Bobbi's montage of stress and interruptions to life in a way that shows Mockingbird as capable while also making the situations funny. Who knew that Iron Man being held by the neck and getting yelled at about quinoa was something we've been missing all these years? There are so many great little touches going on here too, from the hideous wallpaper in each room of the medical center to the carefully constructed shirts and outfits. Even moments like Mockingbird drumming her fingers while having ESP cards shoved in her face again is great, in part because Niemczyk makes it all look natural. Add in some bold and vivid (but never oversaturated) colors from Rosenberg, and this comic just looks gorgeous. I hope the remaining issues are just as much fun, but -- no matter what happens from this point on -- "Mockingbird" #1 is a dynamite debut from Cain, Niemczyk and Rosenberg. Two big, big thumbs up."[131] Jesse Schedeen of IGN gave Mockingbird #1 a grade of 8.6 out of 10, writing, "Marvel's decision to release Mockingbird #1 one week after Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's new Black Widow series kicked off seemed dubious. How is one book about a butt-kicking femme fatale and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. supposed to thrive in the shadow of another book about a butt-kicking femme fatale and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? But as it turns out, the two books could hardly be more different in tone and execution. Mockingbird mixes equal parts Spider-Woman and Howard the Duck for a very entertaining look at the life and times of Bobbi Morse. This new series builds on Mockingbird's current status quo. Having been dosed with a combination of the Super-Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula, Bobbi is understandably a subject of interest and concern for SHIELD's medical staff. This issue opens as a simple, goofy slice-of-life tale as it follows Bobbi on her many visits to the doctor. But writer Chelsea Cain slowly transitions from humor to paranoia and foreboding as it becomes clear that not all is right in Bobbi's world. [...] Mockingbird's new series could have been a simple effort to cash in on the character's recent mainstream exposure. Luckily, it's something much more ambitious and unique than that. This first issue ditches convention and employs a compelling, purposely disjointed structure to offer a glimpse into Bobbi Morse's crazy life."[132]

Roy Stuart Glimpse Vol 6 13



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