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Raaz Reboot Movie In Hindi 720p Torrent

I saw this film in theatre with my family. It is not a Raaz reboot, it's basically a reboot of Sharman Joshis 1920 London, which was pathetic n laughable. Read my reviews of 1920 London. Vikram Bhatt jus wrote the story of 1920 London. It had a very low budget. It had awful set locations, fake deserts n mansions, bad direction by some Desai, awful songs n unknown producers. Even the costumes of Sharmaan n others were laughable. Very fake London set up. Whereas Vikram directed Raaz reboot himself. The Bhatts n T- series r the producers n of course it has Hashmi who is born to play such roles effortlessly. The cinematography in Raaz reboot was good. Some of the scenes of Romania were well shot n it had that creepy feel to it. The editing was better than 1920 London n the songs of Raaz reboot were much better than 1920 London. The plot of 1920 London was ridiculous. At least the plot of Raaz reboot was bearable. At first even I thot that the twist might be the same as 1920 London's. I thot even Hashmi was doing some mumbo jumbo magic like what Sharmaan did in 1920 London. Agree that the theme of possession has been done so many times, right from The exorcist to The rite. One thing which always bugs me in possession movies (as a gym/yoga instructor) is y do they hav to do hyperextension of the joints. R the demons really fond of yoga? The face of the possessed person is getting monotonous. Same ol cut marks n eye color. May b Vikram wanted to do the same what the makers of Exorcist the beginning n Exorcist the dominion did. Two versions in a short span of time. The scene in Raaz where the possessed tells to the priest about his hidden dark secrets was done in the first 1920 too, where the demon talks to the doctor about his shady past. This kinda demonic feeding on fears n revealing secrets was very well done in Gallows hill aka The damned. The holding of the mangalsutra n getting rid of the demons is getting cheesy n too fake man. Remove the religious tone man. Y can't they simply end with the demons taking away one soul or somebody sacrificing their soul. The scenes of the dark shadows standing far away n the scenes of Hashmi as a ghost talking to the husband in the end were better. The museum where they had some horror images was good. Wanna visit that place if it really exists.

Raaz Reboot movie in hindi 720p torrent


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