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How To Make Youtube Not Buffer On 1080p __LINK__

Internet browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox, store cache to make your experience faster and enjoyable. However, if you have too much cash data stored, it can affect your data speed and increase buffering.

how to make youtube not buffer on 1080p


This is specifically a high bandwidth videos on inside the web browser (Google Chrome or Samsung Browsers) issue on both cell phone or tethered computer for the Philadelphia area and certain other areas in the country according to posters on reddit. Some get this issue, some don't. I don't even know if it has to do with the plan because some people on a plan get it and some don't! The funny thing is the YouTube app on the cell phone works perfectly fine for everyone including me and plays 1080p no problem. That's crazy! - on the same cell phone can't play high bandwidth videos but the YouTube app can! This doesn't even happen when I put my AT&T sim card in my phone for the web browser so we can probably rule out the "YouTube is forcing you to use the app" conspiracy theory.

When I'm watching a YouTube video it will only buffer the next 30 seconds or so. This is something I want to avoid because when trying to watch 1080p videos it will keep pausing because it has to download the next 30 seconds and my connection isn't fast enough to keep up.

However, it should be noted that having too large of a buffer file may put a strain on your device resources. In contrast, a buffer that is too small may make it difficult to load enough video for smooth playback, especially with slower or unstable internet connections.

If you're streaming YouTube TV with browsers on Mac/PC or app on mobiles, the brower and app can make YouTube TV keep freezing as well. For browsers, the cache, history or add-ons may stop YouTube TV from streaming. And for YouTube TV app on iPhone or Android smartphones, buffering would appear with insufficient storage space, overloaded cache and history or poor connection etc. as well.

Don't assume that your Internet speed is fast. This is a possibility that you ISP has some temporary technical issue. If you want to stream content without buffering, you can make a compromise with video quality, for example, 4K to 1080p, and turn it back as soon as it's fixed. Here are the Internet speed recommendations for different resolutions.

The articles you provided help with general issues if it doesn't work for example, but it works for me. I just want to make the buffer bigger. Deleting the cache didn't help either. I'm trying to find a general solution, so not just youtube and without an addon would be nice. It did work previously, so it should be possible to make it work again.

I want to make the video buffer bigger. So right now, every video gets buffered automatically like 2 minutes. Firefox version 40 (or something) actually buffered the whole video. This was convenient for me and I want that behaviour back, so always buffer the whole video or at least 30 minutes. I'm guessing there is a restriction setting for that somewhere, but I can't find it.

YouTube TV buffering results from many any condition which slows down the Internet speed, makes the connection speed far fall behind the high playback resolution, reduces the amounts of bandwidth available for YouTube TV, makes the hard drive nearly full or cache overloaded, and so on. Surely, these cases also result in YouTube TV freezing or crashing.

Are there multiple devices connected to the same Internet network? If yes, please disconnect them, except for the device where you stream YouTube TV because these devices consume too much network bandwidth, which makes the amounts of bandwidth for YouTube TV insufficient, and then YouTube TV keeps buffering.

My connection and TV are perfectly capable of playing the video in 1080p, as I learnt when I discovered a clumsy, irritating workaround: adding videos to my Watch Later list on my phone, then opening the YouTube app on my TV, and fumbling through its clumsy interface with a clumsy remote to pick them up again directly on the TV. Plays in 1080p just fine, no buffering.

This always happens when i have twitch and youtube open at the same time. the youtube buffer is loaded but the video just stops, plays for one second and stops again. as for the stream is almost the same. What i would do to replicate the issue is open two brave windows and play twitch and a youtube video at the same time.

Hi Vilas_S Thanks for your reply. I have done remove/re-download app and update the IOS to latest version before i posted this question. The problem that it isn't the official Youtube App not working, majority of the contents (1080p) are total fine.. It is that certain 4k contents, especially 4k HDR content, it is very slow, especially when fast forward. There is no problem if I use Safari or Chrome to browse youtube for the same content.

This is a common problem where playing YouTube videos in higher resolution starts lagging and buffering.Slow internet or YouTube internal settings can be the cause of this.According to many YouTube users choosing the low resolution simply fix the problem. If you are playing any video in 1440p60 or 1080p60 resolution then try changing it to 720p60 or 480p.

Streaming video sends the content over the Internet or a local network, as opposed to playing back from a file stored locally on your device. Playback devices buffer content ahead of the current playback position to work around irregularities in network bandwidth; meaning, that if the connection is temporarily interrupted, the video playback will continue uninterrupted. RAM affects the storage available for buffering; however, RAM is secondary in importance to the Internet connection speed. If the playback is already smooth, more RAM won't improve the quality. YouTube recommends a minimum connection speed of 500Kbps. High definition video playback is more contingent on video RAM than system RAM. Adobe recommends having at least 1GB of RAM for streams up to 720p and 2GB of RAM for streams at 1080p.


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