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Bot Wars

While reverts between human editors often do represent conflict over which content should appear in an article, the authors do not check that this assumption holds with bots. The paper contains no content analysis that might describe what these "contentious disagreements" look like, beyond a brief statement that much of the reverts happen between bots that were fixing inter-wiki links and are likely no longer a problem since the introduction of Wikidata in 2013. A cursory review of their open-licensed data release suggests that many of these bot-reverts take place years after the original bot edit -- and in response to human actions like the renaming of an article (for example, when human user Nightstallion moved Mohammad Beheshti to Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti and RussBot came to fix a redirect from Dr. Mohammad Beheshti in 2006 and then 2 years later, Mohsenkazempur moved it back and Addbot came back to fix the redirect again, that looks like a bot revert). If the authors had explored what was happening in these reverts and the mechanisms by which wiki communities observe and govern bot behaviors, they might have drawn different conclusions and not referred to this activity as a "fight" or "conflict". While it's certainly true that bot fights do sometimes happen, the authors don't seem to have discovered or described any real phenomena of bot vs. bot "conflict". If they had, they might have told a different story of how rare such fights are and how quickly they are resolved by human editors. Regretfully, it's too late to get the story right with the popular press. "Robot wars in Wikipedia" has proven too juicy of a story to pass up.

Bot Wars

Track-bot D-23 is a Droid robot which is based on a famous star wars series. This model is a concept art model which is inspired by Luke D fishers D-0 model. The Track-bot D-23 have ability to perform tasks like climb stairs and off road surfaces. 041b061a72


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