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Serial Experiments Lain Episode 9

As I said, at first you know nothing. But somewhere around the episode 9 it is starting to be more clear. So as I understand it, Lain was an experimental human created by Eiri Masami, the founder of so called Protocol 7. It was not really explained how Lain came into this world but the probably set up the family and so on to make her feel like a human which she was in the end.

Serial Experiments Lain Episode 9

at several episode from first i think if lain just a shy girl human or girl with obsessed with wired world or related with the girl with glasses who the suicide at first episode or adopted girl ...but its look im wrong...from episode (im forgot) that human growth related with wired world form long ago to the last man masami with seven protocol....with some event(lain stopping a man with gun, lain looks like god in sky(gods..?), another duplicate(maybe) lain and else) little bit explained about who is lain...maybe as your said if lain is became human designed from program (look weird...) like a administrator or super user(maybe not) but beyond than that...she also can connect in real world and wired world too and do as she likes...even talk with dead people...and about knights their member... 2 male with 1 woman....not looks like an hacker..its looks an knowledgeable housewife with wired, otaku person (hacker..?)and bussiness mani still dont get it...sorry with my english grammature and my long explanation...

i'm so sorry if i wanna to reply and try put my deduction about Lain's story again...then first about lain..... Lain has 3 character, Lain Iwakura(shy person, introvert) Lain wired(the opposite Lain Iwakura personality) and Evil Lain(another Lain made by Knight)...In all episode from Anime there just show 2 more my thought Lain Iwakura is switching with Lain's Wired several time or..... Evil Lain is disappear, so it just Lain Iwakura and Lain Wired in several last episode.Then I assume if Lain Iwakura and/or Lain wired origin' Protocol 7...About Lain's ability is beyond from people in this (anime) world ...since the world in this anime is just database, the memory it called recording so she can do as wished like a godthis is my explanation time line:1)All episode Anime until ep 132)In ep 13 Lain Wired (i guess) Awaken with new Protocol 7(rewrite) by Yasuo and back to young when meet Arisu/Alice after 3 years later(i guess) i assume Lain Wired replaced to the old Lain Wired from Anime....Also when i say if she back young(11 years), it same old with Mayu and Tomo(based anime)3)Lain consultation as patient by Yonehara Touko, psychiatrist (based game)4)in the half story game there had there a clips video(check DC 1029) that explaining about manga the nightmare of fabrication (the weird thing is why there masami looks still alive...?)5)then following the game story till end(i hate this part when Lain go suicide... )The proof if the Lain has different 3 years between in anime and the game including the manga also the awaken Lain Iwakura...:>>In the anime, Tomo and Mayu's looks younger than Lain ....but in the game, Tomo and Mayu is same classmates from same elementary school with Lain(check the game's pdf english translate in list LDA while Tomo move to another school)....>>In the game Lain Iwakura never explain about Alice, i assume who is meet with Alice in last episode is Lain wired...that mean if can i say that Lain Iwakura's record(memory) has resetted by new protocol 7...>>we cannot say if Lain's dad real is Yasuo and Lain has a sister, like in anime, Lain is looks as adopted girl. But in the game Lain is only daughter in family>>between Yasuo and her dad (in game) skill....Yasuo is more intelegent than him. Yasuo can setup her Navi just for few minutes(anime) faster than when he and Lain together setup Pc (or maybe we called Navi) need couple hour to finish it...>>Yasuo family abandoned home before telling Lain and call her as "Miss Lain" or "Lain-sama" and say that his job is done...i assume if Yasuo Iwakura's job is watching Lain wired since he and Masami same researcher...>>the easiest is her hair...In the game, Lain is has longer hair than in the anime...Again...sorry for my grammature english language...and long explanation(because i write it all in sticky notes)... 041b061a72


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