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 Accepting Applications

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  1. When a vacancy occurs, the Director will call the parent(s) of the first child on the waiting list and invite them to transfer their child to regular enrollment.  Once such an offer is made, the parents(s) will have seven calendar days (one week) during which to decide whether or not to accept the offer.  If the parent(s) given such an offer fails to respond within the seven days allowed, the Director will proceed to the next name on the enrollment waiting list.

  2. The family agrees to pay a yearly $100.00 enrollment fee and also the first two (2) weeks of tuition.  This tuition will be applied to the families first two (2) weeks of care.  The enrollment and two (2) weeks of tuition is non-refundable, no exceptions. 

  3. Families are not required to pay tuition while waiting for enrollment into program or the child’s start date.  However, if another family would like to enroll into the same spot, the first family will have priority to enroll and begin paying tuition at that time in order to “save the spot”.  

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