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Diverse Learning Environments

Jeepers Creepers

Each infant at this age is on his or her own schedule, and each member of the teaching staff works with families to maintain that schedule as closely as possible.


Taking walks in the stroller or just laying on a blanket outside in our grassy large wooded play yard helps provide your baby an individualized curriculum. 


You can peek on your baby and maybe find him "talking" to his reflection in the mirror.  There will always be "floor time" and "tummy time" during the day


This program offers some individualized attention, but also begins to refine the gross motor skills that your child has obtained. 


You are welcome to visit anytime during the day to see the new activities your child will be engaging with throughout the day.

When you drop in, you will notice your child using many different textures to promote his or her sensory development. The children enjoy painting or pouring water in the water table. Your child will be painting with many different items, including their hands and feet. 


More songs and finger plays will be introduced, but the always-reliable "Pat a cake" will be the favorite. 


Your child will have an opportunity to play outside with the swings, dig in the sandbox, or throw a ball with a teacher. 


The children rest mostly at the noon period, but some require more naps and the room is set up to accommodate these different schedules.

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Jeepers Creepers
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Turtle Tots

Children in our toddler program have developed many of the big things in their gross motor development (walking, running, using tools). Now the fun begins! Toddlers in Turtle Tots will be busy mastering the milestones that they have just learned. 

In our toddler program, we work on basic table manners such as using a fork and throwing away scraps. 


 Children begin to sit for a quick story and enjoy acting out songs and finger plays. Some children enjoy role-playing; therefore, the teaching staff have a dramatic play area where children can act out many different scenarios.  


The children have daily opportunities to get outside and explore the natural environment. They can ride bikes, dig in the sand box, and sled on the inclines during the winter or splash in our water table during the summer.  


Young children do not yet fully understand the concept of time, so they do not order their lives by hours and minutes, but rather by the events that happen. When events happen in the same order every day, children have a better understanding of their world, and therefore feel more secure. We maintain a regular schedule to give children a way to order and organize their lives.


Children also begin to work on toileting during this age, and we ask parents to work with teaching staff to provide unified support to your child's learning during this time. 

Turtle Tots

Krayola Kids

Children are ready for Krayola Kids when they have just about completed toilet training, are working and learning more independently, have mastered basic manners and hygiene such as hand washing, and have begun to develop a longer attention span as demonstrated by being able to sit for a story.   


They are now ready for more advanced and exciting learning opportunities that happen in our preschool classroom!


Children spend their day interacting with others in small groups, expanding their social interactions while developing their academic skills.

Activities and Learning: 



Working with manipulatives to familiarize themselves with basic math ideas



Work with blocks, vehicles, and figures to build and create their own buildings and roads.  



Working with peers in dramatic play situations to reenact their view of the world 



Working with language and writing to express their own thoughts and ideas.



Working with art materials and expressing themselves through artwork.



Working with materials to observe our natural environment, and what impact we have on it.



Working with puzzles to develop cognitive, fine motor, and problem solving skills.



Working with various materials like sand and rice and scooping them into funnels and pails, using play-doh to create sculptures, and water activities with tubes and sponges.

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Krayola Kids
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