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Vanitas No Carte Part 2 Episode 5

This season of Vanitas is being brought to the medium of anime by Studio Bones, a giant behind classic anime shows such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and My Hero Academia. The season is being directed by Tomoyuki Itamura, who also directed part 1 of the show, alongside several shows of the Monogatari series. Click here to read the review of the previous episode in the series.

Vanitas no Carte Part 2 Episode 5

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The Case Study Of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5 was a mediocre and confusing episode of the show, which is now becoming a norm for this series. Hopefully, things will be better when this particular arc is over.

The Fandom Post found the early fight scenes of the series were the most appealing parts of the series based on how unpredictable Vanitas was, especially when dealing with Jeanne, but the series was less eventful in other areas where there was criticism over the handling of science fiction elements.[65][66] Several reviewers focused on Vanitas' relationship with the vampire Jeanne. Vanitas forcing a kiss with her was criticized as being inappropriate as comedy.[67][68] The massive violence displayed in the series' fifth episode resulted in Funimation warning sensitive viewers to avoid watching it.[69] Bones' animation has been generally praised for making the settings and character details appealing alongside Yuki Kajiura's music.[64][70] Natsuki Hanae's performance as Vanitas brought major praise from Anime Feminist for how he conveyed different sides of Vanitas' twisted personality to the point he comes across as "peak trash".[71] The Fandom Post noted that Vanitas and Jeanne's comical date is more enjoyable than the main plot which is later foreshadowed.[72] The series' second half also earned a positive reception from Anime News Network writers due to the character arcs of the main cast as well as the production value, to the point that they considered it to be one of the best anime of the Winter 2022 season.[73] 041b061a72


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