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Buy Rfid

I though of chipless RFID tags but I could not find place where I can buy them. They are cheaper than ordinaryrfid tags, and have enough capacity for my work. They are radio wireless based therefore making automation easy.I would appreciate it Do you know where can I purchase couple of chipless rfid tags? or you have any other alternative.

buy rfid

On additionional note, car rental would be interesting to watch out for. Especially those smaller player/individual. Also, how would they deal with more rfid tag cars not detected at the booth and cause the jam. Its noted in their plan have camera detect those undetected rfid n sort of charge them later of some sort.

How to resolve in the senario where someone sabotage or vandalise our rfid and cause time and money to install back or had minor accident where headlamp damaged. If we have tools like card or smarttag we have protection against these kind situation. Sunlight and dirt will cause damaged the strip. How about those working dusty and dirty environment should they clean theor vehicle each time encounter some dirt issue. How about bird dropings?

It sounds like the TnG rfid is different from the VEP rfid that is fitted on singapore cars. So if singapore car want to use TnG rfid they will end up having two different rfid tags both pasted on the left headlight is that correct? will that confuse the VEP and TnG reader ? thank you if anyone can link me to the answer.. 041b061a72


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